In the world that we live in today, there are lots of people today who are really into smoking all the time. It is because there are lots of people today who really addicted when it comes to smoking, it is also addictive when it comes to first time smokers because of unknown reasons. That is why there are lots of people and government agencies today who are really doing their best to launch campaigns so that they can stop smoking for good. But the truth is, we cannot stop smoking that easily. It is because there are lots of smokers today who keep on smoking and they also drag other people with them, and that is near impossible to stop when it comes to the government.


Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.  That is why there are lots of people who are always concerned about other people that smoke because there is also a thing that we call second hand smoking and it is much more dangerous to those smokers who smoke. It is because the smoke that smokers exhale is more dangerous when inhaled by people who do not smoke all the time. That is why there are lots of smokers today who are doing their best to stop smoking because they are slowly realizing that they are killing themselves. But no matter how hard smokers try to stop smoking, they really cannot due to some reasons.


Most of the time, these smokers reason out that they cannot stop smoking due to the fact that their bodies are accustomed to cigarettes and that they really need it all the time. There are some smokers that say that smoking makes them relax all the time. These are some of the many things and reasons that smokers say. There is a better alternative to smoking cigarettes, and that is called electronic cigarettes. There are lots things that are very nice about electronic cigarette, one of them is that electronic cigarettes use vapor as their smoke and they are odorless which makes them very easy to use and other people will not be bothered by it because there is nothing to inhale.



Smoke that comes out from electronic cigarettes are made of vapor and they dissipate quickly in the air. Last is that e cigarette do not have nicotine inside their smoke in which is very healthy.